Wednesday, June 23, 2021


Don Long


Ambedkar’s Vision, Empathy and Utopian Democracy with the Dalits

An “Untouchable” Critique of Gandhi’s Liberal Liberation, Unitive Consciousness and Sovereign Symphony of Satyagraha and Swaraj (Nonviolent Resistance and Self-Rule)

A Proud Father of His Son’s Coming College Graduation

February, 2021 Celebrating All Students, Teachers and Educators, Our Democracy A-Proud-Father-of-Sons-GraduationDownload

The Infinite Value and “Invisible Man” (Ellison) of Failed Education Experiments

By Don Jessup Blake Long First of a Series There is good news today in the education world. First before sharing, let me say a little...

Why are today’s sovereigns never at peace?

By Don Jessup Blake Long Why is it that sovereigns in the premodern world were always joyfully, powerfully and peacefully most sovereign when at rest...

Humility, The First and Final Frontier

January, 2020 A poem from and for every child of difference, God’s most precious gift and beautiful Clay. humilitythefirst.Download

America’s Deferred Dreams and Recurring Griefs

May, 2020  A poem inspired by the horrific murder of George Floyd a nd the recurring sacrificial ritual  of public violence and restorative grief that...

Original Liberal Hubris, Utopian Democratic Inclusion

Summary of Paper america's_originalhubris.Download

Gratitude as Spiritual Discipline

My family and I recently went to Columbus, Ohio, where my wife, Diane, grew up, to see an Ohio State football game. This trip...

The Generosity of Spirit

Henri Nouwen's daily devotional: How does the Spirit of God manifest itself through us? Often we think that to witness means to speak up in...

The Divine Joy of Freedom

In Genesis, God took pleasure in creating the universe, humanity and everything in creation. God delighted in knowing his creation was good and held...

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