Sunday, October 24, 2021


Don Long


A Brief History of Republics as Germinal Beloved Community (Polis): A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Athenian democracy in 6th-century bce as one fruitful exemplar of a polis, good republic, and then the germinal garden of differing beloved communities perhaps. I...

My Family Heritage, Witness Against the Beast, Poor People’s Campaign: Black Elk Speaks Today!

My Family Heritage, Witness against the Beast, Poor Peoples CampaignDownload

Coles, Briggs and Children of Crisis Revisited as of a Certain “Crucible of Trauma”

Dear Family and Friends,  First, ICYMI: This essay on my website, InspiringFutures4All, from 2016 describes the extraordinary work of Robert Coles who is now in...

Career and Technical Education

20170501 Don Long NASBE_Career and Technical EducationDownload

Seven Questions Boards Should Ask about School Leadership


Preparing Diverse, Effective Teachers through Residencies and Induction


Monhegan Island, Art Spirit, Eternal Oceanic Energy and Rhythms

While on Monhegan Island, I listen to the eternal, the crashing oceanic rhythms that sweep me up into the everlasting grace of God and...

Jeffersonian Radical Revolutionary Democracy as Endless Palpable Utopian Jubilee!

Dear Family, Friends and Fellow Extraordinary Peoples among Equal Peers: Today is a day to celebrate the twofold fruitfulness of Sabbath as deep welcome and...

The Liberal Liberation Tradition of Prophets and Democratic Peoples who Pray with Their Feet: The Passionate Engagement for Justice and Realizing All “Flesh and...

The photo above, which includes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel during the Selma march of 1965, is captioned, “They...

Individual Emancipation and Shared Enchantment on Monhegan Island

Another Emancipation Day as “I Am” in the liberation spirit of Bruce Springsteen, ever rising, (though some music critics find him someone fraudulent and...

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