Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Don Long

I live in Vienna, Virginia with my soulmate and wife, Diane, two magnificent sons, William and Nick, and amazing Gracie, our always joyful golden retriever. I come from an endlessly inspiring and extended family with roots and branches in America, England, Ireland, Syria and France. I grew up primarily in New York, California and New England in a variety of differing and shifting homes mostly welcoming, sometimes not, which nurtured my joy in sanctuary and inner spiritual life, as well as a lifelong sense of wonder and curiosity about a larger world and history far more beautiful, loving, strange and horrible than possible to know but compelling us to try to share what is beautiful and overcome what is horrible.

My familiar intimacy and imaginative kinship with a dissenting pantheon of radicals, dreamers, poets, missionaries, non-conformists, inventors, teachers and founders and my delight in the Western civilization of creative and constructive criticism gives me an originality and creativity that I now boldly humbly wish to share as a writer and poet. I hope, dear friends, that I evoke my sense of awe and wonder of engaging in the mysteries and paradoxes of life since a child as if a little theologian, philosopher, historian and anthropologist. It is an inspiring and irresistible call to follow truths as deep and high, far and wide as they lead, and to look backwards with ever more understanding and empathy and forwards with ever more astonishment and courage.

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