Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Your Creativity, Engagement, Imagination and Constructive Criticism Welcome!

I truly do welcome and invite you to be a participatory partner in developing any of your own insights, commentary and enrichiments in response to any of my own concepts, ideas and and writing, your distinctive engagement in creating with me my unified twofold public theology of liberation and utopia and my political ideology of "Renaissance HighLow Dialogo Democracy" and all that you discover here. Feel free to email me at and I will add you to my newsletter, and be glad to respond as needed, desired or at least as I can. Warning, I tend to write too much and my style is not the clear and pure elements of E.B. White, whom I greatly admire. Mine is more elemental, I prefer "oceanic creativity" of raw surging energy, vast tidal forces. You may rightly prefer other ways of describing it! Increasingly as I get older and the world younger, everything I write, enjoy and imagine these days, and care most deeply about is in and of our most essential task today: To regain a unified, exhilarating and mobilizing sense of our creation, humanity, history and democracy as ineffable living mystery, speaking and writing, our composing as made possbile by our astonishing differences and passionate oppositions as if the silent eloquence and incandescent artistry of God; and while each of us an inspired great "I Am" in our own distinctive ways, "We Are" also "twofold, dialogical, double grace" and other similar ineffable humanedivine resonance as I try to express impossbily in my writing and speaking. "We Are," both individually, socially and both together, eternal germinal infinitude of sheer goodness, vitality, grace and love, God's palpable presence, radical engagement, awe. And thus, "We Are" with and in our eternal God (my particular cherished embrace is of the Christian tradition) and "We are" with and in our illimitable Humanity: each inspiring in its own way, each carrying us forward in our life together, of unbound potential, deep, vast, rich and long revolutionary momentum, struggles, histories, cultures, realized utopian examples, humane singular and social communal flourishing. I desire and welcome every possible source, idea, experiment or effort that is helpful, experimental, inspired, researched, heart-felt for what I believe with all my imagination, heart, mind and soul, my strongest fatih conviction, my radical amazement that happens to be of two beautiful, painful ways of being in the world, I would have no other, mine is of suffering and joy, and agony and ecstasy is our "epochal moment" the totalizing modern world is in metamorphosis, and.... "We Are" now emerging, evolving, revealing, and moving out of this double-bind of the Anthropocene epoch (i.e. where we are now desacralizing, alienating, depleting and destroying our flourishing good earth and common home (i.e. Pope Francis, Laudato Si encyclical on climate change), as we have already been doing the same to our flourishing good humanity and common interwoven shared life together. Ours is a "totalizing modern world of anti-democratic meta-hegemonies:" my construct say of interdependent entangled monopoly powers: political, economic, cultural, and so, that are complex, various, and dynamic in multi-determining every polity, culture, dieology, nation, etc. This "Beast" exists within every governability system, whether liberal, capitalist, socialist, totalitarian or authoritarian, whether the Constituted State or Monoply Capital, each is a corporate living Leviathan that we cannot do without but is ever threatening in its hubris, "just hierarchy," political realism, existential growth ethos that is optimally a moral and immoral imperative, each enriches by impoverishing, civilizes by dehumanizing, each modernizes and orders by following and conforming to the same recurring patterns of tragic modern disorders. Thus is the history and nature of the accelerating self-annihilating trajectory we are in of abstracting, excluding, disappearing and vanishing all that is living, beautiful, true and good of God and humanity. This epochal culminating is our epochal threshold moment of our being, seeing, feeling and creating, authoring and making as greatest of all awakenings, most luminous of all enlightenments, but not merely another "new synthesis, rising, creation, emancipation, liberation" for that is the recurring pattern of this totalizing modern world since its first making of the world that is now making it. No! That is not enough of all that we need and desire, not at all sufficeint of the grace of God, the love of Humanity. We are metamorphosis into two unprecedented worlds, our life together now a new twofold Renaissance. We are I Am but also all that comes before, after, within and without, this first beginning spoken "Word," dynamic revelatory messianic or dialectic, "logos," and beyond and wholly other to its corresponding last ending, and its every in betweening nuanced differing. "We are"simply ineffable before any spoken words or inspired writing. We are pure music, lyric poetry, revolutionary singing, chants democratic. We are not only one harmonizing unison, "music of the spheres" for that is of the same music of the totalizing world that finds itself perfectly complete and confined, and we find like an iron heel on our neck, smothering, can't breathe, and when we do the air is toxic, poisonous as if full of the world's violence and madness. No, that's no longer us, it is not enough! Our God, Humanity, Reality, our children, all living generations, past, present and future, yearn for so much more, it is the radical amazement, ineffable, within and without us! Thus spake or written by no one, but simply the eloquence of silence, the thundering of our creating, authoring, vtiality, loving, as our eternal God, creation, cosmos, and humanity "we really are" knit together in everlasting palpable and perfect life, love and goodness: "We Are" two orchestral thundering subtle lyrical movements and ours is two everlasting gospel revoltionary songs. Our whole world comes alive: twofold, hundredfold, in expansively inclusive rhtyms, experiences, relationships and sacred transfiguring communions, beloved transforing communities. Thus is my theory of everything, for what was impossible for science and the most prominent genius of our age, the most extraordinary Stephen Hawking, this is possible for God and poets, and even obscure ones like me. In this spirit and letter, I have developed my own "dialogic" interpretive framework as deliberatively avoiding any unitive, binary or linguistic "dialectic" one. For me, and I hope you, dear reader, this is critical for our breaking out of this anthropocene self-consuming vortex and for opening ourselves, one another, the entire world we are in, our homes, schools, our nations, our interwoven world community to let god come rushing into all of it in a new way, life, mystery and truth. Our age and "We the People" are "something new under the sun" again! We are revolutionary praxis, two populist moments and popular fronts, exhilarating, utopian, liberation, romantic, energizing, the twin "passionate engagement" of our eternal God and illimitable Humanity who are our life together! Each alive with us, profoundly weeping in our sufferings, these are unbearable agonies, gloriously jubilant in our joys, these are uncontainable ecstasies. Each is first and foremost, foundational and ultimate our imago dei and missio dei, to welcome, embrace, envision, evoke, pursue and realize larger visions of all goods like justice, peace and solidarity! The whole world is the fruitfulness, harvesting and enjoying in all fruition loves, promises, dreams and hopes, so much more real, full of life, the salt of the earth that tastes of God, and enjoyed when shared, our breaking of the bread of life with one another, our life together is the pruning and drinking in of the same vineyards, the cultivating and nourishing of the same gardens, our justice, peace and solidarity is the epic grandeur of humane and social expansively inclusive flourishing with no more tears. In the spirit of utopia (e.g. Ernst Bloch's 1918 seminal book, but in each of our own for we are all utopians now!), I end as he begins but in my own words: "I Am!" Yes, of course, I am too! This is the same original "creatio ex nihilo" living goodness that breathes into all creation salvific abundant life, healing, liberating, whole that is in each each and every one of us. "We Are!!" Yes, of course, We are too!! "We are" liberating and washing away all modern disorders and historical sins all of the same kind: the immoral growth imperative of civilizing by dehumanizing, enslaving, disappearing, excluding and vanishing others. "We are" being the world, people, freinds and peers we need and desire in all our imagination, heart, mind, body and soul. Thus: "We Are" twofold in every way of welcome, love, hope and faith: our sacred work, our whole way of life, every little way, every larger sphere and tier of political, social, cultural, economic, linguistic, intellectual life. "We are" simultaneously in a "via moderna" of liberation for whole nourishing individual and equal sovereign liberality anda "Via moderna" of utpian enchantment for whole humane, soical and divine flourishing. It seems a melancholly to me that our one "I Am" world is so perfecting and completing of grace and love for us individually, privately and separately, we can not imagine, need or desire another. I have always been in two worlds at the same time, and I cannot imagine, need or desire a more beautiful way of being wholy alive as an individual and simultaneously the whole world alive in my social intewoven humanity. I prefer two inspired ways, lives, truths and sacred mysteries. Maybe you will too if you come on this adventure with me. Consider it an experiment, a children's fable, a venturing where the wild things are, however you wish that affrims, enriches and provides even just the slightest nourishment, feeling or insight that fills your heart with pleasure. That alone is my pleasure as a writer, especially one who tries to writes of the ineffable! My writing is ugly, abstract, horrible and mocking to me, for it is as if an agonzing chasm from the truth, beauty, radical amazement within me and you of which I want to share. And thus this agony is ecstasy for me becasue of the very tragic and triumphal fact of this chasm!! What adventure there is in being in this palpable presence and yet so impossibly larger, distant, uncontainable, and jumping into this utterly dark chasm and yet overwhelming luminous light.

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