“I am” starting Emancipation Day, which is to proclaim a certain kind of singular fountainhead of individual possessive liberty, life and love that is the modern totalizing self-determining, actualizing, transcending and “emptying” egoistic and pragmatic closed, compact, coherent and conformist liberal sovereignty: this is good for those of one right way, path, truth and predestined mastery of paradox which is merely the oldest of ancient wisdoms. 

But for me and all those of twofold renaissance creative joys in making all primary individual, social and everlasting goods—works, lives, societies, friends, families, communities, faiths and sciences, schools, neighborhoods, worlds and peoples-as sacred, sensual, loving, meaningful and beautiful as possible: this is radical, revolutionary Jeffersonian and all those of the same astonishing common sense  French and World chanting democratic day in the spirit of 1801!!

For then Jefferson proclaimed for all the diverse, beautifully and fearsomely made Americas, continents and worlds to come, the essential daily and unified epic grandeur of each and every liberal democratic solidarity and world citizenry for realizing every utopia ie all the whole worlds come alive without exclusionary stigmatizing moral immoral cruelties due to the madness of the civilization in the Ayn Rand Fountainheads of truly scary and monstrous unbound individuals in the great “I Am” total anti-democratic contemporary world today:

No!! This is not the original first fruits and first and forever native humane beings of social banded community as Jefferson refers to in the opening magnificent first sentence of the Declaration of Independence! Good reading for all modern iPhone and iScreen great “I Am” liberal fountainheads if you ever have the time. 

But for the rest of us, these are self-evident truths (meaning they need no proof kind of like faith: “the substance of all things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen.” That’s from the Bible, that’s good reading too. 

So “I Am” on emancipation day, Yes! starting today in Scarsdale, NY where I grew up with inspiring enchanted poets and good doctors of joyous caring for others, and here are my first set of pictures. 

And as Jefferson proclaimed too for all twofold original social banded humane beings of paradoxical gifts of living in and of two opposing worlds as if the very desire, embrace and mystery of divinehumane doubling of gracelove: one world is of our eternal God and one of our equal and wholly independent illimitable Humanity, and both worlds lovingly, terribly, but ultimately strangely entangled and enriching, fulfilling and surpassing one another!

This dear family and friends is the realized inspiring promise of every personhood and people who have the courage, creativity, curiosity and empathy to proclaim to all dead and dying old worlds that democracies wherever they are require this most essential germinal and everlasting twofold gospel ie good news!

“We are Something New Under the Sun”. 

This was the spoken word poetry of the democratic renaissance generation of 1801.

This is deep within my heart and soul. It is in whatever I write, do, inspire, evoke and encourage. 

What are your first words that set your imagination and hearts and minds on fire!