Dual Quantum Computing and G7 Universal Generative Robust Constant

Now throughout the world of computational sciences and the corresponding sciences of all kinds of intelligence, artificial, human and multiple—artistic, linguistic, logical/mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalist—not to mention all the differing multitudes of sources of intelligence not rightly or richly described or known in our contemporary modern total way of seeing and describing things in a certain kind of spirit. These differing sources include simply the habits, capacities and mystic hidden treasures of the imagination, heart, mind and soul, beginning with individual personhoods and beloved social bands indigenous and evolutionary of the full dynamic unfolding arc of modern homo sapiens humanity of over 300 thousand years, and as my dog, Gracie, always reminds not to forget, our even longer, intimate and instinctual origins as living deep souled creatures, great and small, as the birth of consciousness in our kindred animal ancestry is over two million years ago.

My point: We need to recover this evolutionary original humanity in its intimate forming in and of the extraordinary tumultuous and constantly changing, often imperceptibly, environment, lands, rivers, all living creation around them, for indeed this is a profound and vital tutelage by nature, the best teacher, and with thundering creativity and life forces of God, creation and the cosmos.

And this is actually what the field of Dual Quantum Computing is exploring, researching and harnessing, a quite astonishing working at both ends of the entire continuum of human evolution, history and progress, a strange but eminently cool “loopifying of it” is you will, and as I will try to show, evoking, enriching and strengthening the entire whole of other Key Ideas and Images of my original interpretive framework based on our being in two worlds at the same time.

But since I brought this up, this is one of the many liberating and enchanting aspects of Dual Quantum Computing: it is the same harnessing of two orchestral movements for the twofold everlasting expansive flourishing of the world, like two illimitable distinctively programmed computing systems working together in continuous dialogue with one another. In this way, it is gloriously first and foremost unleashing new capacities, possibilities and frontiers for democratic peoples, world citizens, to overcome, critique and surpass our limited but thoroughly hegemonic one “total modern world.” It’s modernizing central tendency, its ordering by hideously disordering, its constantly alluring, commanding way of making our world make us in its own mirroring. Our being, seeing, relating and interpreting curiously, recurringly, tragically always seems to place our totalizing and enclosing self-referential: one mind, one schema, one language at the center of reality and the cosmos as if we are sovereign individual possessive owners of it all. Have we not merely progressed across the millenia in the same destabilizing way but now instead Pharoahs and other titanic individual sovereigns, every person, community and nation is their own Sun God in an eternal Ptolemaic universe? But now our collective and cumulative artistries and arsenals are staggering razor’s edge of unbound powers, an uncertain ongoing brinkmanship, where the very center that we all share is the actual red hot nuclear magma of the infinite devastating Beastlike forces of fission and fusion? We have this world, or it has us, like a tiger by the tail and we dare not let go but can scarcely hold on!

But now here is the good news, actually I have two everlasting gospels to share!

And while the tiger continues its self-annihilating race, simultaneously our present age offers an amazing but quite human concert of two dual supercomputing systems of every kind of intelligence to double our capacities, resources and possibilities for solving the seemingly impossible problems of the contemporary modern world long overdue for a significant upgrade, in fact not a gentle reboot but a fiercely defiant and joyous booting out of the cosmos! This image has a certain familiarity with all the others, a “We Are” and a Two-Mountain metaphor of liberation and utopia in its own distinctive way.

“Traditionally these are questions for philosophy, but philosophy is dead. Philosophy has not kept up with modern developments in science, particularly physics. Scientists have become the bearers of the torch of discovery in our quest for knowledge.” Stephen Hawking, The Grand Design (2010)

We can thank the grace of God and love of Humanity for providing this and all other doubling emerging capacities, tools, “technics of civilization” (see Lewis Mumford) in this epochal moment of our becoming two, not one, in our life together. For we need every possible way of becoming unified and reconciling as a democratic people, a world citizenry, all twofold frontiers, visions and pursuits of going to the other side of this far too threatening Anthropocene self-annihilating epoch of multiple converging crises of nuclear winters, obliterating wars, violence and barbarism, and the ongoing disinheriting of all that is vital and individually free, the disenchanting of all that is sacred and social flourishing, and the accelerating alienating, commodifying and destroying of all living humanity and creation, our common home to share with all living generations.

Thus the Advent of Dual Quantum Computing is most timely! These two optimizing systems can be placed in creative tension like that of our own two minds (also being rediscovered in current frontiers of neuroscience, and other sciences, faiths, humanities and arts. The first and literally top-heavy, crushing and multi-determining our world, life and possibilities yet most adept in ordering and advancing the world as it is: the relatively new, mainly neo-cortical one of organizing, integrating, rational, moral, executive ordering and interpreting of the world. The other kind of mind is far more ancient, the first to evolve in making us distinctively modern humans, with a paradoxical consciousness and humane social being; it is wholly alive with oceanic creativity, surging energy, tidal forces, instinctual, intuitive, richly and chaotically associative, imaginative and open.

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