This is the daily reality of the barbarism of exclusionary violence practiced by those presumably of a Western civilization anchored in a continuum of self-determining liberal, emancipation and liberation body publics and revolutionary social and cultural movements. We can extend this tragic paradox of “generosity of spirit” underlying such constitutional governability systems to all world civilizations and the great variety of cultures, societies and even “beloved communities” who nonetheless are silent if not directly complicit in these cruelest of vast disparities across and within all nations. 

Why do people and individuals who are good do such harm and evil like this? Foremost to others and we can say to themselves or ourselves, but really, it seems like the latter is merely a catharsis of guilt or serviceable villainy to maintain the status quo and powers that be, and of course all  our comforts and conformity to this reality. 

Why do those like all of us in this richest, most powerful and liberal “democracy” (America and all kindred developed nations) of essential first principles, norms, values and primary social goods like justice, self-esteem and human dignity live with our eyes, hearts and minds wide open shut? 

Why this last reference to the movie by the same name by Stanley Kubrick when I am lamenting such a broad spectrum of enormities to invisible kinds of this barbarism? 

Have we have learned to accept, evade, deny or adapt to this “civilizing by depersonalizing” others by dismissing his as the fervid imagination of deranged film makers and all those who have such hypo-mania and unreasonable, heightened expressions of righteous anger and passionate engagement for justice?

Like all those in the liberal prophetic, mystic and democratic traditions of Moses, Jesus, Jefferson, Marx and Mill, Abraham Herschel and Martin Luther King, Jr… What kind of people have we become?