Sunday, August 14, 2022

Monhegan Island, Art Spirit, Eternal Oceanic Energy and Rhythms

While on Monhegan Island, I listen to the eternal, the crashing oceanic rhythms that sweep me up into the everlasting grace of God and the illimitable love of Humanity. And how distant, small and fearful are those who are modernizing powers of one, their tragic commodifying triumphal hijacking of the sacred mystery and essential truths of all that is without us and within us. 

This is the rapturous taste of sheer goodness like the full brine on your face transcendent, saturating and timeless: the Quaker friends and peers with inner lights and the epic grandeur of mystic desert prophets, romantic poets and realized utopian democratic citizens. All of these in our life together are awakening and loving their people, speaking new visions of justice and peace and then marching, singing and “praying with their feet” as Abraham Heschel and all multitudes like Jude the Obscure. All chanting democratic and proudly in their guilds and professions of arts and crafts and good works are now passionately engaged in justice, peace and human dignity and social flourishing.

These are local community and worldwide  revolutionary movements of democratic and international solidarity, and for individual human and civil rights, and turning the world of privilege and caste systems upside down. For we are something new under the sun, a people who are both liberally free and trusted and cherished and called to be as loving, caring, enriching and creative with one another. We are a renaissance HighLow dialogo democratic radically revolutionary thundering people.   

They or We, I am and thou are eternal in the twofold mystic way of original first “modern homo sapiens humane beings” who are crafted, loomed and shaped by God‘s own breath and hands, heart and artistry as the paradoxical magnificent insider/outsider unifying way: this evolutionary revelatory biological dynamic forming and knitting together of flourishing humanity as a kindred species interwoven with living creation begins  300 tya and continues for over 260 millennia. 

And so every social banded original humane being was truly beloved, essential and unique in this first forming; and thus the wondrous specific nativity as sacramental and sensual joy. This is epiphany of all coming from far and wide to recognize and celebrate a new child being born in this immersive thundering presence of our eternal God and all radical spirituality enchanted just the same, all creatures and other deep souled beings and life forces in jubilee.  

For in small beloved communities like these if original humane beings who are instinctively, passionately so wholly open, trusting, learning, receiving and giving of grace and love to one another: they and we are still the epic grandeur of all generations in, of and with God. And this God, our God, our cosmic vitality, creativity and authoring of sheer goodness is forever relational and radically within every and each personhood and every kind of differing Humanity and Creation.

We are with and in all amazing living beautifully, fearsomely made first and last peoples and creatures, astonishing fruitfulness and other spiritual gifts, artistry and blessedness. These are truths within us for justice, peace and true flourishing of humanity and creation together as the twofold purpose of God (faith-inspired,idealist but relational) and Humanity (science-inspired, realist but relational in the same way as God). And so free of our desperate need for and hegemonic captivity in abstract emancipation, i am and we are enchanted in the full blast of God upon my face, and my inhaling deeply the salty goodness of all humanity. 

I am listening to Springsteen’s The Rising and then all I can of Van Morrison to be simply in the resonating deep souled music of my God within and without me. This is the relational eternal prophetic God of loving radical mystic amazement of William Blake, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Luxemburg, Abraham Heschel, Ida Blake Long, Ella Baker and Martin Luther King Jt and billions who are the very fruitfulness of the holy spirit and all sensual, immediate helpers and lovers day-by-day and not on mountaintops or orher high stages but in the hollows, neighborhoods and all places where humane beings are simply trusting in loving one another. 

Here I am getting tired with the same refrains of individual-based emancipation yearnings, overcominga and deferring: we are already of triumphal futires as fought for in the past and we are realizing the Utopias that are what this compact, closed and conformist modernizing abstract bought and sold world evades, denies or excludes as too good, humane, egalitarian and delusional visions and communities of justice. 

Yet this being in and of this dying and venal realist world of limited imagination and over-determining of the brief authority of loud, righteous and strategic conservative/liberal empowered pragmatic centrists is not sufficient of the twofold double gracelove within me and all four/fifths of rhe world that is outside our sweet summer camps and beautiful gardens jnder the hardened shell of homeland securty and the cope of our mind-centered heaven. 

Enough of this Springsteen estrogen and  testerone hysterical extended adolescence and forever young narcissism and possessive individuality, love and the peace based in the American ideology of money, family and alienating nationalism. These flowerings of I ams that we delight in by precious clise observing in our farm to table private estates and little ranches. 

This perennial liberal tradition is merely to lose oneself in the mindful mindlessness of engaging in the limbic arousal of fear-induced fight, flight, freeze and folding, wherever you are in the so-called open ideological spectrum, from extreme right to extreme left: it is all the same me-first decadent narcissism, the same civilizing and moral growth by all means possible of exclusionary barbarism, and violence enormous or imperceptible of predatory evils of fillicidal, eugenic and genocidal. And thus the theodicy of the harm that the good do, for we are all complicit in this, as all good prophets, poets and loving citizens rightly awaken hs from our big sleep, our complacency and our wondrous concentrated focus on our own selves, needs and desires. 

On Monhegan, I am and we are finding such joy, strength and insight in all the people here of a certain kind of deep empathy, astonishing courage and radical amazement in the presence of Art, Eternal, Palpably Impossible gracelove and poetry of Scripture, William Blake, my two sisters and all good friends: all creatures hreat and small like Gracie who are the very pure joy and deep soul of God. 

Enough of this sad, solitary, brutish, nasty, venal, tumultuous and self-centered empowered, empowering and all empowerment to come that is imperial, distatress, liberal and conservative America that has list its soirit of liberty and the habits of democracy, beloved community, courageous hearts and incandescent imagination. 

It is so good to be wholy alive and swept up in the eternal oceanic creativity of God and Humanity’s whle world come alive! No more tears of the sudden gale forces and animal spirits of fearful presumptive vigilante justice and lobster-shelled hardened hearts. 

No more compromising and accomodatkng to  the self-soothing liberal/conservative hideous fighting for sole possession of God’s sovereign authority or at least the joy of being able to have the most powerful political and cultural people and sharing the same electric current of good feelings of oneness with the good, rational and moral energy of the cosmos wjthout borders,
just like all compact, conformist, coherent and closed social movements and hegemonic polities of tightly bundled humans who are like sticks: so much stronger, rigid and brutal when joyfully together in the same spirit if being more superior to those scary, ugly others.

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