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The Spirituality, Creativity, Innocence, Empathy and Imagination of All Children of God

A New Trinitarian Theology of Children of Twofold Epic Grandeur, Privilege and Crisis:
A Series on Exciting Research Frontiers across All Faiths, Sciences, Humanities and Arts

Toward A New Understanding of Evolutionary Origins and Anthropology of Modern Homo Sapiens Humane Beings as Literally of Two Minds, Humanities and Realities

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Don Jessup Blake Long
© November 20, 2021

Yitaki mani: master trackers turn teachers
For me, this article centers on potential “novums” in the utopian, mystic and prophetic traditions that offer emerging and profound new ways of mutual-learning, -sharing and -enriching dialogues across the most ancient and enduring wisdom cultures and the most contemporary technology-abundant cultures 
The workshop is part of a new CLC project that aims to find out how senior Yapa knowledge holders pass on a lifetime of learning and caring for country to Yapa who grew up in settlements.

Unlike young people today, kuyu pungu and Warlpiri Ranger Alice Henwood was born out bush, west of Nyirrpi, and learned to live off the land. “I’m one of the last bush ladies,” Ms Henwood said proudly.
Now in her sixties, she learned to track as soon as she could walk and follow her parents and aunties on the hunt. Ms Henwood’s journey took many years, but she feels a sense of urgency to teach her young colleagues.

“I am worried that when I pass away that knowledge will just disappear. That’s why we have to pass the knowledge to the young rangers now, as well as the young people, so they can pass on to their kids,” she said.
Warlpiri Ranger Alice Henwood, one of the last true bush ladies.

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