This is the good life of individual sovereign joy of being in a seaside sanctum sanctorum in the bright noon sun!And then like all Jeffersonian democratic peoples who have realized, realizing and realizing all palpable utopias to come, this is what it is like to be in the enchantment when completely something new under this blindingly glorious Monhegan Island sun!! Listen to these crashing waves and then listen more silently within the eloquence of the ancient mysteries moving within and without them. 

I have much more to share of today and already lots written of yesterday which was the best of all possible Day 2 Emancipation Days because I spent it with good and forever friends Chip and Maryann Trayner in their home in Newtonville, Mass. I look forward to sharing how great it is when you have good friends and however long the distance since last meeting, we are in a timelessness of enjoying each and every minute of meaningful conversation, laughter and delicious food. And before we know it five hours have passed by, and off to the kind of deep nourishing sleep that the stuff of dreams and good plives, good loves and good people are made of.