This ancient symbol is like a spiritual abstract mandela depicting “God” that exemplifies my five visible spatial God-intoxicating loves (count the different whole greens), and then two necessary presumed Gods are outside this circle and hidden inside it: thus my seven reigns of Deo and Deo’s simultaneous interwoven embodiments of God, Creation and Humanity.

And thus, as further explained in my own Hieroglyphy of various universal abstracts and symbols, God (G7) as all reigns recognized and fulfilled plus X =< Deo who is! Deo is within and without the eternal flourishing totality of our “creatio ex deo!”
Just as Jefferson et al rightly interpreted in his deism but not as the conventional and wrong wisdom as a mechanical clockmaker who then departs the cosmos: but deo as sheer sublime vitality, love, energy, sovereignty, beauty, mystery, enchantment, goodness and abundance!!

I think I will use this symbol for my evolutionary world philosophy of this Deo’s unified and threefold xyz inspired inspiring of futures for all: every moment since the beginning of our creation is a future! Every child is of a moment of God’s nativity: thus every child is an inspiring future for all too!

This is what I mean when I speak of epic trilogy metamorphoses in the universality of poetry as the best analogy to express what my amazing Gracie, my Golden Retriever who makes wondrous, meaningful and real of our shared spirit of sublime anime. Her ineffable speaking of all that she hears of God, Creation and Humanity whole flourishing in her native tongue of resplendent Pentecostal language of is what St. Thomas Acquinas called “the tutelage of nature.” She instinctive retrieves and gives all essential goods to all she encounters in mutual transfiguring communion. Thus she teaches and learns of our radically amazing “God Beautiful Reality” as of science x, theology y, and history z for conceptualizing limited humans in this simple complex way: our ethos of “deeply knowing by wholly being” in active decisive sweet and innocent but fearsome surrender to God sweeping her away into pure joy and kindred enchantment with me and our fellow creatures, great, small and obscure, each and every oldnewtimeless deepsouled alike.

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