Sunday, September 26, 2021

Welcome & Purpose

This is our life together as a democratic people, world citizenry, teachers and students, quality of work life so much better with inspiring futures when “We Are” two worlds, two minds, two humane beings, two movements divided, opposing for fulfilling and surpassing one another, my theology is also of extraordinary differences, education excellence as quality of work life where teachers and students in a dialogic pedagogy (i.e. Paulo Friere) bring out this epic grandeur in one another and make whole worlds come alive!! Which is what we need most for imagining, being, engaging, unifying in larger visions and pursuits of justice, peace, solidarity and one interwoven world community, and for cherishing and sharing the promise and call, the fruitfulness of our doubly inspiring eternal God and illimitable Humanity for ushering in “new heavens and a good earth,” my Two Mountain metaphor above, a Texas Two-Step of “I Am” liberation for the poor and disinherited and “We Are” sacred realized utopias for the rich and disenchanted in every possible theological, democratic, expansive, humane, divine, social and physical sense of liberation, poor, utopia and rich.

I write to change the world, after all why else write, and please come and help me change it too. Our “total modern world” and its recurring problems, crises and far too many “modern disorders,” which are “total” because they are thoroughly saturating after over 40 to 50 thousands years in the making, its ascendancy crowding out what I will call a via utopian moderna, an original evolutionary anthropological first “modern homo sapiens humanity” formed in intimate mutuality with living creation and constantly in a dynamic changing environment, having a more instinctual, oceanic, creative, adaptive, whole humane being formed over 200 to 300 thousands years, that world was in a sense two because this was a paradoxical consciousness or mind capable, and needing and desiring to be in two opposing worlds or heightened awareness to appreciate as wholly as possible at once overwhelming stunning beauty and engulfing traumatizing terror. Unlike other worlds that pass and rise again as a new synthesis, an ongoing exodus, revolutionary messianic, dialectic or existential momentum, this total modern world is well lost and far past its welcome: it has a certain kind of concentrated mind, a singular organizing rational moral imperative, a utilitarian calculus that justifies and requires “extending the sphere” of every body public by any and all means, ends, faiths and sciences, as necessary, and using all powers of destruction and creation and mobilizing rationales as possible, it is perversely dependent upon being tragically divided against itself. It’s dialectical and messianic ethos of one mind, one total world, then greatness or self-annihilation, an accelerating brinkmanship we can no longer risk, is now in metamorphosis: two whole gracelove worlds, two beautiful divinehumane minds coming alive! Which is what the world most needs!!

Why is this relevant, this gracelove miracle and mystery of God and Humanity, my original twofold theology (not at all like previous ones e.g. Martin Luther, John Calvin, Reinhold Niebuhr, the latter a typical “vital center” Cold War theologian), renaissance dialogo democracy and other similar doubling, dialogic, twofold patterns like my two mountain imagery and a Texas Two-Step analogy of liberation and enchantment I can’t wait to share with you? Well, unlike others I can’t speak with authority on the reasons for the design of our universe, but I believe, God and Humanity may have entered this liminal threshold compact in their shared desire to prevent the horrible hubris, the essence of original sin, of humans to use one of them to hate the other, and thus engage in an singular will to power with the moral authority of God or Humanity as the one spirit, unitive consciousness, wholly other, logos, telos, general will, transcendental oversoul, ground of being, the right path, the manifest destiny. Such is the hideous seductive, smiling and devouring Beast of our “total modern world,” and hence well lost! Instead, we are this double gracelove of two spirits, two everlasting gospels, two worlds and two movements. Thus, “We Are” the joy of being in resting our hearts in the peace of God and completing our truths in Humanity AND at the same time, and most importantly, foremost and ultimate, abundantly and lovingly, a renaissance ethos of making our artistries, work, life, community and world as beautiful, sacred, true, good, virtuous and flourishingly interwoven as possible.

“We Are” two everlasting gospels, each a twofold expansive lyrical life, a movement of resonating well-being, each separate and distinct but in creative tension in and of the flesh and spirit of the other, each intriguing, supporting, challenging, interrogating, helping, fulfilling and surpassing the other.

Here, you will find in all I write my own original interpretive framework for practical wisdom, bridging differences, a theology of celebrating astonishing differences, my dialogical imagination as a double-reading of the past, texts, Scripture and the present. Finally, my distinctive idiosyncratic Christianity—Jeffersonian, utopian, romantic, Marxist, anarcho-syndicalist in the spirit of Noam Chomsky’s deep commitment to democracy as founded on social trust, self-creating democratic societies, and the genius of high and low creativity in human nature—is a vision and conviction of Jesus Christ as the dialogical key revealing these two simultaneous overflowing movements as having their own raison d’etre, promise, call, welcome, ministry, sacred work and missio de. In this way again, “We Are” with the historical prophetic Jesus whose blessedness of life inspires liberation of any poverty or insignificance in every theological, human and social sense (e.g. Rosa Luxemburg, Howard Thurman, Martin Luther King, Jr, Dorothy Day, Gustavo Gutierrez, James Cone et al) and in the triumphal realized utopian Christ of enchanting whole worlds come alive, a life of “no more tears,” social distancing, isolating, shunning, not a trace of poverty, non-being, dehumanizing, disappearing and vanishing others as untouchable, irrational, illiberal, unseen, and other historical sins of a totalizing exclusionary modern ordering by disordering world.

Dear friend, thank you again and please come, engage, criticize, help, join me in this adventure, consider these our shared experiments in literary criticism, democracy, new ways of thinking outside this total modern world. Einstein as we all know, but our chants democratic is of multitudes of prophets, poets, friends, makers and others of native genius, though obscure, who have said the same thing: it is critical to be in a different world, mind, reality for understanding and overcoming this world’s recurring problems, crises, wars, violence, disparities, injustice, hubris, follies, fatal delusions and inherent dehumanizing regimes of privilege, hierarchy and domination. Fortunately, we have a utopian world already here to do this, and thus we are in two beautiful minds and worlds at once. The epic grandeur of our eternal God and illimitable humanity, democracy as “something new under the sun” again as Jefferson proclaimed in his “revolution of 1800.” I will end where Ernst Bloch begins in his 1918 “The Spirit of Utopia:” I Am! We are! That’s Enough! Now let’s begin again!

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