Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Welcome & Purpose

Welcome, Dear Friends,

Please come and join me in discovery, creativity and new adventures, “ad veneratum” or inspiring futures in developing, making and bringing to ever greater fruition the intent, dreams and realities of my original work born of a deep resonating intuition and lifelong witness for regaining a powerful understanding and deep commitment as profoundly and urgently needed for being an inspired, democratic, theological and scientific people again: A people of a vast promise, abundance and fellowship of complex, dynamic and differing variety of individual personhoods, cultural communities and enduring traditions of the same revolutionary common sense and living embodiment of essential values of mutuality, social trust, integrity, courage, creativity, empathy and moral character.

But “We the People” now, as endlessly told, known and lamented, are divided into two endlessly contesting, competing, joining, opposing, differing and wholly other over-heating sources of self-determining sovereign authorities, energies of possessive individual identities and differences, and accelerating forces of fusion and fission as if every body public, and private, social, partisan, secular and sacred body too, had a red hot nuclear core at its center. To break free of this and all other self-annihilating trajectories, we must remember and learn again to use politics, culture and ideology “not to deceive the unreflective or excite the uninformed but to mobilize a people to act” (c. Clifford Geertz) and be engaged in the making of sustained movements of democratic citizenries in facing problems, crises and even converging catastrophes with an exhilarating “sense of anticipatory illumination” when united in the determination to address and overcome them. And simultaneously all are seeking all new possibilities, ways of being, thinking and imagination, experiments in good faiths and sciences, as well as humanities and arts, to build up new worlds, frontiers and communities of ever greater progressions of individual, social, cultural and flourishing peoples and world civilizations.

And so I simply follow truths, insights and powerful spontaneous overflows of curiosity wherever they lead for the reasons above. But it seems that due to my particular beautiful, creative and humane being, manner and mind of a certain threefold epic grandeur, and instinctive living, need and desire for flourishing, holding on to and preferring of three differing independent but entangled worlds at the same time, I can best contribute to our shared work by helping all to be outside this current world for as Einstein rightly said, we must be outside the total modernizing world that is thoroughly saturated with the same recurring trajectories, systems, thinking, problems and solutions to germinate, spark and rejoice in new thinking, bold experiments and astonishing adventures capable of breaking through these over-heating “great confinements” of abstract civilizing by exclusionary violence, my words, but I know our friend, Einstein, and multitudes of others of native genius would agree!

And so here I am and we are now together engaged here in making the world nearby and distant better by being inside and outside of the entirety of it: my unique triply singular interpretive framework I proclaim boldly with no pretense of humility is quite remarkable in making this outlandish endeavor of being in three coequal worlds that are mutually-determining, supporting, challenging, enriching, loving, terrifying, liberating, fulfilling, surpassing and enchanting of one another of a certain first spoken “Word,” inspired thundering, lyrical, musical, poetic, transcendent, earthy, and familiar resonance nonetheless.

I suppose our one and eternal Deo of triune nature agrees with Einstein too Thus my imagery of a trinary star system depicts the central rational kernel and critical point of departure that is unique in my philosophy and history; these three stars depict independent whole cosmic equals in impossible but palpable relationship with limited humanity and one another:

Our eternal God of amazing grace;

Our germinal Creation of abundant life; and

Our liminal Humanity of enchanted utopias.

Now to my original work:

A Unified “Trinity” Systematic, World Democratic Revolution, Public and Practical Philosophy, Theology and Pedagogy for All Peoples of Threefold Epic Grandeur, Astonishing Differences and Inspiring Futures, Beginning with Each and Every Beloved Child:

“I am! We are! That’s enough! Now let’s begin!” But no, that’s not enough! (with apology to beloved fellow utopian Ernst Bloch). “Others are of children’s innocence now too!” That’s far more embracing of God’s radically amazing cosmos, grace, abundance, hope and love! “Now let’s begin again!”

“I am, We are, Others are!” three inspired revelatory interwoven evolutionary ways, mysteries and truths of the dynamic whole spectrum of humanity in the making of these first and last beautiful fruition good things:

Our Flourishing “Triune Bodies” of Germinal Creativity, Empathy & Beloved Community; Humane Liberality, Liberation & Justice and Flourishing Utopia, Enchantment and Glorious Welcome.

“That’s enough! Now let’s begin again!”

We are a trinity world revolutionary democratic people giving and receiving inspiring futures for all because we now have three coequal places for nurturing habits of the spirit, mind, heart, soul, and embodying of empathy, imagination, mutuality and social trust; and we celebrate each and every child, beloved community, history, people and culture, as all generations together proclaiming themselves are by, for and of “something new under the sun!”

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