Sunday, October 24, 2021


Welcome to this Website where our “total modern world” that began with a glorious thundering “I Am” is now giving way to two worlds, two via modernas of liberation and utopia rightly understood. Ours is an astonishing adventure for “we are” in a revolutionary transitional epochal age. “We Are” two participatory partners and extraordinary individuals among equal peers. In everything I write, the essays and poetry, and my mentoring for students, youth and teachers, my larger visions and pursuits of justice, peace and solidarity, my original “Unified “Gracelove” Theology of Liberation, Utopia, and Everlasting Twofold Flourishing,” and corresponding “Renaissance HighLow “Dialogo” Democracy” (each a “Theory of Everything” impossible for Stephen Hawkins and scientists, but possible, of course, for God and poets), my intent is always the same: to regain a unified sense of the epic grandeur of our history, creation, humanity and democracy. We are “something new under the sun” and our life together is one of the sheer goodness, creativity, life, loves, mystery, vitality, truths and beauty of our eternal God and illimitable humanity when embraced as two lyrical resonating orchestral movements, and all the cosmos an unfinished symphony of these two everlasting gospels of twofold expansive flourishing.

While on Monhegan Island, I listen to the eternal, the crashing oceanic rhythms that sweep me up into the everlasting grace of God and the illimitable love of Humanity....

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Monhegan Island, Art Spirit, Eternal Oceanic Energy and Rhythms

While on Monhegan Island, I listen to the eternal, the crashing oceanic rhythms that sweep me up into the everlasting grace of God and...

Jeffersonian Radical Revolutionary Democracy as Endless Palpable Utopian Jubilee!

Dear Family, Friends and Fellow Extraordinary Peoples among Equal Peers: Today is a day to celebrate the twofold fruitfulness of Sabbath as deep welcome and...

The Liberal Liberation Tradition of Prophets and Democratic Peoples who Pray with Their Feet: The Passionate Engagement for Justice and Realizing All “Flesh and...

The photo above, which includes Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel during the Selma march of 1965, is captioned, “They...

Individual Emancipation and Shared Enchantment on Monhegan Island

Another Emancipation Day as “I Am” in the liberation spirit of Bruce Springsteen, ever rising, (though some music critics find him someone fraudulent and...

This Day 3 of Ever Rising Emancipation Day and Twofold Oceanic Creativity and Sheer Feeling of Mystic Amazement!

This is the good life of individual sovereign joy of being in a seaside sanctum sanctorum in the bright noon sun!And then like all...




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