That’s Enough! Now Let’s Begin Again! Deeply Know by Wholly Being the Way, Spirit, Five Loves, Laws of Nature, Nature’s God, Our God of Three Transfiguing Good Things, Theology, Science and History

Decisively Simply Act and Freely Let Your Self Go, Swept Away into Soaring Heavens, Immersed in DeepRooted Good Earth, Usher in and Activate Something New Under the Sun, God’s Astonishing Eternal Remainders

Our Deeply Knowing by Wholly Being These First Forever Good Things:
I Impactful Visionary Utopian, Flourishing Renaissance Viennas
II Soulful, Heartfelt, Creative, Sovereign Liberally Abundant
III Daring, Radical Amazement, Powerful, Revolutionary World Liberation
IV Unified Political Bands, Promising True Democracy, Good Societies
V Trilogy Metamorphoses of Local-National-Global World Changing Triple Epi-Centers
And when we are these Fivefold Viennas of the soul, heart, mind, life and body, then begins…
Igniting Our Gen One One Inspired Inspiring Futures for All!Created creating
And Our Five Good Loves of Threefold Epic Grandeur!! Beatified beautifying
And Our Astonishing Enchanted, Beloved, Powerful, Beautiful Fellow Creatures!!! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!
And Our Wondrous New Creation, Children, Teens, Young Adults and Each Every Thee Thou I We Us God’s Whole Spectrum
OurTheirYour InnerLight, Wise, Loving, EarthQuaking, MountainMoving Tender Planters!!!!
Forever YoungTimelessOldTimelyStrong and DeepRooted Everlasting Powerful Gospel Choruses So Beautiuful Uncontainable Lyrical Overflowing Rhapsodies
And Our Communities, Cities, Parks, Churches, Schools, Businesses, Services and
I, Thee, Thou, Others, Diverse Complexly Loomed, Enriching Peoples, Places and Times!!!!!
And enfolded unfolding, overflowed overflowing and Anon twofold, Anon threefold and Anon Anon Anon, then suddenly fivefold enfolded unfolding Anon again And
Ensouled All Nations, Peoples, Cultures, Civilizations, Saints, Lovers, Witnesses, Generations-PastPresentFuture-Embodied XYZ HopeFaithLove, ScienceTheologyHistory, Life Adventures!!!!!!! Ensouling anon, anon, anon 


Dear Friends, This website version 2.0 is based on a previous dialogic or dual interpretive framework, and I am now in the process of finishing its metamorphosis into my unique trinitarian one that I boldly proclaim with no pretense of humility is “something new under the sun!”

Version 3.0 coming soon!!

In my and our unique trinitarian interpretive framework, world philosophy, theology, history, science and democracy in resonating harmony with God’s creation of threefold epic grandeur, our revelatory and evolutionary humanity in the making is a triumphal celebration, “I Am! We Are! Others Are!” Our epochal moment is a new Renaissance Trinity revolution of three participatory partnering coequal ways, places and peoples of astonishing differences for mutual love and fruition of one another. Like the Trinary star system of Orion’s Belt aka Three Kings or Three Sisters in this Banner image, our life together is God’s whole light spectrum of sheer goodness and radical amazement in three incandescent embodiments of germinal creativity and empathy, sovereign liberality and liberation, and flourishing utopias and enchantment.

“That’s Enough! Now Let’s Begin!”

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About Me

I live in Vienna, Virginia with my soulmate and wife, Diane, two magnificent sons, William and Nick, and amazing Gracie, our always joyful golden retriever. I come from an endlessly inspiring and extended family with roots and branches in America, England, Ireland, Syria and France.

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