For all those who say there are two kinds of people in the world, No! That’s so wrong and old school.

There are actually four kinds of people in all worlds, times and places and all along the Inspiring Futures for All evolutionary arc d’grandeur:

1: FIrst and last, last and first and all astonishing adventures in between are the whole nine symphonies of each and every one of us as all humanity spectrums, reigns and generations in the making of a certain spirit ensouled and igniting each and every child the same.

And then simultaneously in sync with this whole processional music and life are the three coequal, separate and independent living bell spheres of

2: those who prefer the delicious taste of transcendence of God- intoxicating love in and of the macro cosmos, micro too, and entanglement of both and one and three, all living waters, oceans and rivers running through history forwards, outwards and backwards and immersing in and out, within and without us.

3. those who are the germinale good earth energy, sacred, sensual and beautiful overflowing hearts and all manner of good loves, agape, immediate, clio, philo-sophia and thus these are of abundant life.

4. those who love history, poetry, remembrance of times past, future and present and not yet here and never will be, perhaps, maybe, only God only deeply knows by wholly being swept away by our living Deo and then our Imago Dei incandescent and alive in scripture, grand narratives and epic trilogy metamorphoses: from human finitude into all regnant everlasting gospels, moral laws and sheer miracle and sustained goodness

I must confess, I love the fourth of these four ways of being human and divine while we dance together and sing our new songs for our Lord of Lords, enchanted and enchanting in these wondrous, strange and exhilarating regnant fours, and a certain one unified whole and three good mutually completing parts