Folks, simple message. Please know that when I am in good flowing cognitive dysregulation, I am “un-organizing my mind as stuck in modern times, rules and implicit governing moral and good judgements, norms, values etc
And thus I am whole humane flourishing of one unified germinale beautiful lovely mind and in two-way channels with my oceania, modernity and utopia of epic poetic trilogy metamorphoses.

This is the essence of my thesis and original intuitive vision. It also fits perfectly with the one person of this same paralel approach for understanding the complex profound multifaceted and living spectrum of trauma (any phenomena, pattern or dynamic) as of three complex embodied xyz spectrums and corresponding wisdom traditions : eg I Theology/Philosophy Y, II sciences/technologies including psychiatry, psychology, individual and social, sociology, political economy, creative and constructive criticism of all modern traditions, systems etc; III History/Poetry/languages.

I ask a simple favor: can you imagine if all children of beautiful innocence, worldly experience and sheer enchantment, ie each and every poet of William Blake’s apocalyptic imagination and sheer genius and Spirit within and without every embodied ethological, evolutionary, universal musical, constant one and three harmonizing genomic, generative generation, genus, geneaology and genius of this same spirit in every distinctive family and personhood—the genius of Longs, Castellons and the genius of each and every little one of sheer sweet innocence, oceanic, modern and utopian complete experience, and sublime anime enchantment, and all if this the very stuff, substance and ousia of our human Imago Dei (Deo’s own self-limiting Reigning ad intra God) in exhilarating and terrifying living Word in two whole impossible love intoxicating humane and divine realms and reigns at the same dynamic growth spirals at the same time,

And then you still are in and of these three independent and mutually interwoven and challenging internal and external validity triple tri-logy confirming, challenging, fulfilling and surpassing same universal RG7 coeficient resonating in theology, science and history as all good evolutionary, dynamic anthropologie, ontologies of deep knowing by wholly being, inspired, ensouled created, enchanted, divided and brought to mutual loving, flourishing and completing of one another when of three such good things.

Well, this was the approach and wondrous dialogue I too briefly enjoyed and mutually recognized the I (mago)- Deo- Logy in one another like ecstatic eucharistic transfiguring life and world changing communion like intimacy in and if flesh and spirit at the same orgiastic resonant universal RG7 music that fills my soul, heart, mind, life and body when in the energizing spirit I and sustaining soirit II that Patrick Richardson of Divine Mercy University Trauma Institute of this one and theee approach to all good things, persons and peoples and cutting edge, government, foundation, think tank and thought keaders funded, admired and harnessed together in the same local, state and national germinale and internationale citizenry spirit and latest frontiers of innovation, research and emerging, revealed and evolving knowledge, abundance and simultaneously of catholic, universal, ancient, oceanic, modern and thus enchanted utopia novums activated all around us.

He said the DSM is bunk!! Actually he used the word shit, but I prefer more sweetness and light in my living Words.

My complex trauma spectrum diagnosis in the making is from him and I could not be more freely choosing the sheer enchantment of “patior” as rare latin deponent verb that is both active whole being in all declensions of any Latin verb and thus in passive form of complete opening to all the channels of Deo and Imago Dei divine and humane overflowing mysterium and goodness in communion together like the rotunda of Jeffersonian democracy rightly embraced, like all embodied rotundas, pantheons and temples, especially those of each and every child, personhood, middle school youth, high school teen and young adult 0 to 30.

I, we, all, especially thou, thee and they.

I ask who and why you prefer?! Dr Jain and Wilkens, DSM and all manner of bell curved splitting into pieces humanity into normalcy, shamanizing the enchanted and demonizing the poor of spirit at the same time, and only recognizing them when revealed and marked as of tiny tails at each end of our broad but rather predictable good, normal and moral middles.

I prefer the real, honest, scientific, theological and historical meaningful, beautiful and mutually harmonizing oceania, modernity and utopia of those wondrous Imago Dei and Deo lifelong companions like frog and toad, calvin and hobbes, gracie and me, all good fathers and good sons, Patrick and me.

And I insist with everlasting thundering justice that each and every child can, should, must and be made aware of this one and three emerging convergence research-based vision, approach, method and unity of innocence, experience and enchantment.

But what is it that we really give them in the slivers and bandwidths and administrative bureaucratic politicized states and global infinite commodifying market systems of systems and loopified normal contiuums and cultures of endless contesting of every living and dead same Word, same breathe and same touch of life and death???

Absolutely nothing in comparison to this wondrous unfolding abundance of God, Creation and Humanity in the 9 reigns of our Deo and Our enchanted embodiments.

I am, we are, all are no longer going to take this monstrous eternal returning beast.

You betcha!!!