Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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My primary focus in on my writing. I do intend to offer services in the future corresponding with my vision of education and democracy (see these pages). My focus will be centered on two areas. Youth mentoring, support, development and leadership from high school and all the way through higher education and into a good career based on meaningful work, "renaissance ethos" and whole person and social potential and flourishing. My vision, praxis, policies, practices and resources that reflect the Finnish Model of Education and a dialogic pedagogy and investing as fully as possible in the professional stature, excellence and career progressions of teachers for all the support, learning, collaboration, mentoring, ongoing growth and development and the powerful unifiying momentum and deep commitment to ever greater flourishing, mastery and impact in the same kind of vision, education and investment in students. This is my unified dialogic vision of the epic grandeur of creation, humanity and history, and the promise, commitments, and flourishing life together as a democratic people that is first and last, foremost and ultimate, and everywhere in between the "radical amazement" and daily good work of extraordinary teachers and extraordinary teachers as every person unique and equals among peers, and teachers and students as each composing their learning, teaching, growing and mastery indivudally and both together. This is what I mean when I say Democracy and Education is essential to exemplify, cultivate and celebrate the quality of work life as a renaissance ethic of commitment to making all things, services, goods, ohters and themselves as "beautiful, meaningful and loving as possible," and in this way "We Are" in our life together, in our schools, workplaces, communities and social life, a revolutionary expansively inclusive democratic people and radically engaged in being "somthing new under the sun," a people of twofold flourishing as a unified dynamic complex, diverse nation together and a world interwoven citizenry facing and embracing the problems, crises and challenges not only of our own individual lives but those of our entire shared humanity and common home.

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