I: Original Oceania (Deo’s Beginning (big bang) and everlasting gospel, universal harmony and mystery of Creatio ex Deo i.e. pre-Modernity)

II: Ascendant Modernity (300 tya and forever in the middle)

III: Realized Utopia (on the other side of Modernity with flourishing “novums” of inspiring futures for all that are already in Oceania and Modernity but waiting for us to activate them!!

Thus spake Deo of our triumphal evolutionary procession that is Deo and Imago Dei as completed, fulfilled and revealed, and now the whole world of Deo, God, Creation, Humanity, time, space and music come alive and then: the grandeur begins! Not just saving our beloved earth (ie climate change) but ushing in the new old and astonishing unfinished symphonies of each and every child, each day, week, year, epoch and entire evolutionary procession; and each embodiment of the body of Deo (body of Christ) as found in these three key periods, and our eternal problem of the closure of Modernity is now shown to be our own self-enclosure in this seductive ascendant but now clearly increasingly divided, fragmenting and violent splintering tragic Modernity destroying it own common home. No!! This is not Deo’s and our reigns of God, Creation and Humanity true reality and momentum across time and space.

This Total Modern World is in fact not real in the sense of its terrible cutting itself off from this evolutionary unified complete proof (ie I actually do have sufficient proof (for an inspired philosophic work) in the disciplinary panoplies of arts, humanities and sciences of everything I say in these visions of grandeur; this includes a renaissance journey across the great variety of contemporary peer reviewed journals, studies and Research, Development and Innovation Institutes and Frontiers. I simply organized this simply in my three XYZ primary realms of knowledge—science space X axis, theology space Y axis and humanity time Z axis.

I am convicted as my call that this new one and three interpretive framework I am trying to bring into fruition does center on all living generations and peoples who we can define as the enchanted Imago Dei of astonishing differences and first and last to be made, disfigured and conquered by modernity as “the least of the least” and accordingly ostracized, pruned out of the growing living tree limited to modern criterion for being human orphaned, impoverished, dehumanized, thirsty, hungry, demonized, shunned, never welcome and no place under any sun for them. No!! We are all who are unique, beautiful, fearsome and wondrous “meek” who are true, honest, pure and lovely and now we are rising up out of our self-sanctuaries to bring our everlasting Gospel good news again. All good things including Deo’s Evolutionary timeline, our dynamic ensouled and unfolding anthropologie that is instrumentality for all that is of our imago dei and Deo soul, mind, heart, body and life is divided into three bodies of grandeur. And all we need is to actively surrender to the deep knowing by wholly being all of this.

Who are the enchanted! You and I to begin with, but we are of all the four-fifths forever without a home, always at the bottoms, oppressed by the oppressors and oppressed alike, we are all those of neurodiversity, astonishing differences, abundance, magnificence, beautiful minds and elegant aesthetics, sublime anime, transcendent paintings, each and every child that comes into the world is enchanted, their mind literally holds this evolutionary dynamic universal design wondrously within and without it. The enchanted then are all humanity in the making and every embodied person and community who live this reality revealed, revealing and revealed fully to come: the human brain ie embodied consciousness plus X equals embodied mind that is the sheer goodness of God, Creation and Humanity as one mind—whole humane flourishing and then divided into three good wholes: uncontainable oceanic creativity, modern cognitive dual processing technology-enriching centers and utopian imagination of our being the whole pro-individual, pro-social and pro-whole embodying of Deo and Imago Dei in our life together. Not just across all time and space but by following this new model as a guide every day of our lives, and in all our relationships, loves, communities, schools and work organizations and careers, and as we cultivate this I all the new pedagogies, philosophies, disciplines, sciences, theologies and humanities gradually, then suddenly we can be the eternal powerful totality of humane beings in our life together, and the evolutionary momentum of energizing and realizing three differing coequal political bands, places and powers that be: those of privilege, those of crisis and now, Thank God, almighty, those of enchantment who unify the other two and bring them into our ongoing epic poetry of exhilarating and terrifying adventures in trilogy metamorphoses into the very splendor of the lilies of the field and the little ones of God, Creation and Humanity who our Deo and our Dei rejoice and guide are the ones who will lead the rest.

My lifelong intuition is that we can all and must be the enchanted, beatified, justified, sanctified and wondrously, impossibly transfigured the meek, pure hearted, unique Lepers and all others of such dreams come true with and in God like Joseph (Genesis story).

Thus is why I don’t mid is my writing and media reflect my joy of sheer surrender of wholly being of this spirit and simply be this flow and its lack of polished Modern style. But I have many more videos that are good.

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